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Euracert Label


The Euracert Label is not just another Web Accessibility label. Indeed, a Web site is awarded the Euracert label in addition to a label issued locally in a European country by a label issuing organisation listed in the Partners list.


Thanks to the harmonisation work done at the European level by specialised Web Accessibility organisations and with European Commission support, there are now resources about Web Accessibility considered as common references:

  • international guidelines: WCAG 1.0 from WAI,
  • an evaluation methodology (UWEM): the version 1 of UWEM offers an interpretation of the WCAG 1.0 from WAI (priority 1 and 2),
  • and a conformity assessment schema: the CEN Workshop Agreement is a document describing the "Specifications for a Web Accessibility Conformity Assessment Scheme and a Web Accessibility Quality Mark". 3 schema for conformity assessment are presented :
    • inspection by a third-party,
    • certification by a third-party,
    • and self-declaration by the Web site owner.

The Euracert Label has been set up on the basis of these common references. It defines a general framework allowing mutual recognition between organisations working to the international guidelines.

Firstly, existing national labels will become more valued as they are recognised in other countries. Then, it will be possible to harmonise all European labels into one.

Ordering the Euracert label and the label issuing process

There are two cases for a Web site owner who wants to obtain the Euracert label:

  1. the national label issuing organisation is listed in the Partners list:
    then, the local process is the one to be followed. The Euracert Label will be given in addition to the local label if the Web site passes the labelling process.

  2. if no label issuing organisation is listed for the applicant's country the Partners list:
    then, another of the organisations in this list must be contacted.

In both cases, the Web site owner must either contact directly a label issuing organisation listed in the Partners list or use the online form on the Order online page.

This process is illustrated in the following image:

Process Diagram: ordering the Euracert label and the label issuing process

Euracert label rates

The Euracert label is issued to a Web site to complement another issued by a Web accessibility certification body.

To start the Euracert certification procedure, the site owner must pay:

  1. the cost of the chosen label (see partners list)
  2. the additional cost for the Euracert label.

Each partner has its own rates:

List of the authorised Euracert organisations

The list of organisations which are authorised to deliver both their local label and the Euracert Label is online in the Partners list page (organised by country).

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