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Letters of understanding

ONA and Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde (Belgium), the association BrailleNet (France) and Fundosa Teleservicios (Spain) have signed a "Letter of understanding" that made official their work in common about Web Accessibility harmonisation in Europe (11th December 2006: letter BrailleNet/Teleservicios - 25 April 2007: letter BrailleNet/ONA and Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde).

Then, the 3 organisations have launched the Euracert label: the first Quality label on Web Accessibility based on the UWEM and on the CEN Workshop Agreement.

The content of the "Letter of understanding" is published on this page:

>>Beginning of the "Letter of understanding"

The parties have agreed to the following terms established in this letter of understanding.

The parties observe that:

  • the access to Web is a key factor for the inclusion of people with disabilities,
  • the work done by the WAI is the ground for the actions on Web Accessibility,
  • the WCAG are as de facto the standards for Web Accessibility,
  • they have got a solid experience in WCAG conformity assessment of websites with their labels.

The parties agree on the following objectives:

  • to support the policy in favour of eAccessibility decided by the EC and the Member States (EC communication : COM2005 425 on 25 September 2005),
  • to implement the results of the Support-EAM and WAB Cluster projects: "CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) 15554" and the Unified Web Evaluation Methodology (UWEM),
  • to establish a framework for the mutual recognition of their Web Accessibility labels,
  • to create an European Web Accessibility Quality Label based on UWEM,
  • to act as an independent party for Web sites inspection as specified in the CWA n°15554 under free market conditions,
  • to make all efforts to significantly increase the number of accessible Web sites in Belgium, France and Spain,
  • to launch an European movement on Web Accessibility harmonisation based on their labels to the creation of a European label,
  • to join their efforts to explore the establishment of a comprehensive European Web Accessibility Quality Mark as specified in the CWA n°15554 and its Implementation Plan.

The parties agree on the following methodological coherence:

  • to publish and maintain a correspondence table between their methodologies and UWEM, making clear the mapping between the both, especially the correspondence to the levels A and AA of UWEM,
  • to apply a common procedure about Web Accessibility assessment and labelling procedures as specified in the Implementation Plan of the CWA n°15554.

>>End of the "Letter of understanding"

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