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W3C Standards Compliance

The Euracert site content complies with W3C specifications. It has been tested with the W3C HTML validator.

CSS style sheets comply with W3C CSS specifications and have been checked with the W3C CSS validator.

Web Accessibility Level

The current version of the Euracert site complies with all WAI WCAG 1.0 AA checkpoints.

Keyboard shortcuts

These allow quick keyboard access to important sections of the Euracert site.

  • Alt + s : Jump to page main content
  • Alt + 0 : Jump list of keyboard shortcuts
  • Alt + 1 : Back to home page
  • Alt + 6 : Jump to help page
  • Alt + 3 : Jump to site map
  • Alt + 7 : Jump to contact page

PDF Reader

In order to read PDF documents on the site, we invite you to download the Adobe Reader software on the following page: download Adobe Reader


If, despite all our efforts you have problems using this site or find any errors please let us know by email:

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